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UPDATE 10-8-2020

* THE OFFICE IS OPEN MONDAY - THURSDAY 9 AM TO 2 PM.  The Town Clerk Karen Wayering is available during these times.  I come in the office most days and can meet by appointment anytime upon request.  The Assessor Erin Gratch is in on Thursdays  9 am to 1 pm and  the Code Officer Mike McQuade is in the office from 8 am to Noon on Friday.   If you require assistance  with an emergency please call the office or send the Supervisor a message at

* The next monthly meeting is on Tuesday, October 13th.  The Preliminary Budget for 2021 will be presented at the meeting. 

* New York State has mandated new testing for chemical compounds in our water supply.  This may add anywhere from $6500 to $15,600 per year in testing costs.  This new test regulation tests for chemical compounds often associated with agricultural fertilizer products.  If our initial test is within limits we will be required to test every three months.  If it is not we will have to test every month until within limits.  This is a substantial new cost to  our water system operation.  Testing will begin in the new year.

* Unfortunately our Town has been hit by the State budget shortfall and 20 percent municipality budget reductions.  Each year we have received $85,000 from a grant for the dissolution of the village.  We just received our payment for this year and it is $17,000 less because of the 20 percent reduction.  We will have to make cuts in our General budget to make up this shortfall for now. We have requested Senator Patty Ritchie's office to discuss this cut and restoration with the Office of the State Comptroller since this was an agreed upon reimbursement promised from the dissolution of the village of Hermon.

* The DEC implemented a new hunting license system that has not yet been activated in most of the towns in the County.  We have continually sought an answer from DEC as to when our system would be activated without an accurate response.  I have asked the local DEC officers to intervene on our behalf to try and get our system up and running.  A notice will be posted on our facebook and webpage when we can offer the services.

* The Highway Department is preparing for fall and winter needs.   Fall cleanup days will be conducted in the hamlet on Monday, October 19th and outside the hamlet on Tuesday, October 20th.  Lawn waste including leaves and grass clippings that are bagged and branches six foot or less will be collected free of charge.  Please bring waste to the curbside.  Those outside the hamlet need to call 347-3606 to let us know their address for pickup.  

* Thanks to everyone who joined us at McBrier Park on Saturday, October 3rd for the ceremony celebrating the renovation of McBrier Bridge and acquistion of the McBrier historical sign.

* Snow fencing was installed along the bank of Elm Creek in McBrier Park for safety until a chain link safety fence is installed.  We expect that to be done shortly.

* We are expecting the environmental remediation to begin on the former gas station at the corner of Water and Main Street soon.  This project is being funded by New York State and the County.  The removal of the old structures on the site will also be part of the project and ground contamination will be eliminated.  We have requested that this property be transferred to Town ownership after remediation so we can improve the intersection at that location.

* A Community Spirit Committee is meeting and is working with the Town to raise funds for holiday banners on the light poles in the hamlet.  Sheri Smith and Penny Blandin are leading the efforts and met on 9/24 along with five other committee members.  They are having a take out Spaghetti Dinner on October 17th with pickup at our Town Office on Church Street from 2 to 4 pm. All tickets are presale only.  Tickets are available from committee members or at the Town Office.  The Town is working with the committee by setting up a designated account for donations and funds raised and all disbursements require the approval of two members of the committee along with the Supervisor.  The Committee is also selling a variety of popcorn from 56 Popcorn in Gouverneur as well as snack dip mixes.  Watch our facebook page for more information!!

* The Speed Limit within the Hamlet of Hermon is 30-THIRTY-30 miles per hour.  Please comply with our speed limit to help protect our children and loved ones.

* If you see dogs at large the Town of Hermon has a leash law that requires all dogs to be on a leash or tie out when out of doors.  Dog Control Officer: Daniel Moyer Phone: (315) 276-6805    E-mail Address:

* If you note a street light not working please call the office with the pole number and nearest  building address to the pole.  We will request that National Grid repair the light.

*  Our webpage has been completely updated and replaced with a new page by our webmaster Jamie Matthews.  Please visit it at

* THE HERMON HEPBURN LIBRARY IS OPEN  - Monday, 12-4 and 6-8, Tuesday 9-2, Wednesday 9-3, Thursday 9-2 and Friday 9-1   Please stop in and our Librarian Kelly Hamilton can assist you and bring you up to date on what is new at the Library!

* Woodys Market LLC - Hours of operation will be 7 am to 9 pm every day. Kitchen and deli will be now closed at 8 pm.  Face Masks are REQUIRED

* The United Methodist Church and First Baptist Churches have both reopened for services.

* Codes Officer Michael McQuade is in the office on Fridays from 8 to Noon.  Mike can be reached by calling  315-486-5926. You can find most requested forms on the Code Officers webpage by clicking here.

* You can see further information on our facebook page and webpages.  For facebook go to  and our webpage is at  Please go to our facebook page and  like the page in order to get the  updates daily. We are pleased to see that the number of users on facebook who follow our page has grown from 290 to almost 760 this year!

Michael Perry

Hermon Town Supervisor

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