Town Supervisor   Updates

UPDATED 5-5-2021

* Covid 19 infections are remaining at a lower level for now.  Vaccinations coupled with compliance with recommended protections is paying off!  Wear a mask and socially distance whenever appropriate for your safety and that of others.

* THE OFFICE IS OPEN MONDAY - THURSDAY 9 AM TO 2 PM.  The Town Clerk Karen Wayering is available during these times.  The Assessor Erin Gratch is in on Thursdays 9 am to 1 pm and the Code Officer Mike McQuade is in the office from 8 am to Noon on Friday.   As Supervisor I am often at the office but if you need to meet with me please call 315-347-3606 and let me know for a mutual time to meet. If you require assistance with an emergency please call the office or send the Supervisor a message at

* The next monthly meeting is on Tuesday, May 11th at 6 pm.  The meeting will be held at the Town Court Room at 109 Church Street.  Masks and social distancing will be required and attendance in the Court Room will be limited to seating according to social distancing.

* Ms. Lyndsay Brown of Hermon has been hired to train as Deputy Town Clerk on a 90 day probationary basis. Our long time Village Clerk and Town Deputy Clerk Jane Doiron has decided to retire and we reluctantly accept her leaving with great appreciation for all her service for many years to our community!

* A Memorial Day Parade will be held this year starting at 10:30 am.  Help us bring back our parade after a year off because of Covid bigger and better.  If you have a group or organization to march, a float to celebrate your business or group, a special antique vehicle or tractor or just want to dress up and march in the parade contact Kelly Hamilton at 315-347-2285!!

* Erin Gratch, our Town Assessor has informed us that it is her intent to retire from all five towns she currently serves as Assessor on August 1st. The Town Board will vote to approve on a one year basis having our Codes Officer Michael McQuade also serve as the Assessor. Mike currently fills both roles in the Town of Gouverneur.

* We are proceeding to demolition and cleanup of four properties in the Town.  The house at 78 Main Street will be demolished as soon as our contractor Fiacco and Riley arrange for a licensed contamination contractor to tear the remaining structure down and transport the demolition to an approved contamination landfill. The same action will be forthcoming for the house at 124 Church Street. After extensive consultation with County legal staff completing these actions by licensed demolition contractors will completely keep the Town and its citizens safe from any types of contaminants as well as safe from current or future legal actions.

The old striped sandstone house on Main Street is also being demolished.  The structure is very unsafe and a public nuisance and the owners have agreed for the Town to demolish it and remove it.

The former junkyard on the Trout Lake Road is being cleaned up by the owners and the Town has agreed to assist them as needed to complete the cleanup.

If your property is unsafe, uninhabitable or a public nuisance you can expect a citation from the Codes Officer.  Contact Mike McQuade for guidance if you have any questions or require assistance.

* Nicole Bacon Ward is actively planning for a Music on Main music series in McBrier Park for this summer.  We have a 12x16 pavilion now in the park and has been positioned and leveled for use facing  the hillside soon to act as a performance stage for the music series and park patrons. The series will begin in June on the 17th and throughout the summer on selected Thursdays.  Look for more announcements as the date approaches

* Hermon Community Sales will be held on June 5th this year.  For more information contact Kelly Hamilton at the Library 315-347-2285.

* The Town Board at its meeting on March 9th approved moving forward with an agreement to replace all the sodium street lights in the hamlet with new high efficiency LED lights through National Grid.  To do so requires we make a payment of $2200 to National Grid to pay off our current light fixtures.  The replacements are expected to be completed by June and we will receive a rebate for the energy savings project in the form of a $3500 payment as soon as it is completed.   The new lighting will be brighter and save up to 35% from our current $13,500 per year electrical costs. Recent contact with National Grid reports that we are on their worklist for the projects.

* More improvements are being made to the Recreation Park.  The old play tower is being removed and we have a new one that will be installed shortly.  We are going to install either an outfield fence or new backstop fencing as well.  A portable bathroom has been placed in the park for the summer months.

* We have Hermon NY logo decals at the town office that are available free of charge to town residents.  We ask that you take no more than one for each vehicle you own.

* The Preliminary Study of our Hamlet Sewer System has been completed which is being utilized to develop a project for repairs to the system and addition of disinfection required now by NYS DEC law.  This means that all effluent discharged to Elm Creek from our Sewage Treatment Plant will need to be treated either by Ultra Violet Light or by chlorine.  We are selecting to utilize UV light disinfection.  We have completed a RFQ for an engineering firm to develop the plan as well as seek the funding for the work Barton and Loguidice will be our Engineer for this project and process.  As the process continues there will be Public Hearings to keep you informed. The Public Hearing was conducted during the February 9th meeting and we are proceeding to apply for the Community Block Development Grant to renovate the sewer system.

* Preliminary study is beginning as well for the renovation of our hamlet water system.  State DEC regulations now require that we must install water meters on our system to monitor unusual fluctuations in water use. Such will help us locate leaks in the system.  We do not plan on using the meters for billing purposes.  The project will call for the complete replacement of all hamlet water pipes many of which are in the area of 100 years old.  It will also include the demolition of our old water tower and other system improvements. We will keep you up to date as this project develops.

* If you see dogs at large the Town of Hermon has a leash law that requires all dogs to be on a leash or tie out when out of doors.  Dog Control Officer: Daniel Moyer Phone: (315) 276-6805    E-mail Address:

* If you note a street light not working please call the office with the pole number and nearest building address to the pole. We will request that National Grid repair the light.

*  Our webpage is maintained by our webmaster Jamie Matthews.  Please visit it at  If you have a notice you want posted on the webpage or facebook page please send a request to

* THE HERMON HEPBURN LIBRARY IS OPEN  - Monday, 12-4 and 6-8, Tuesday 9-2, Wednesday 9-3, Thursday 9-2 and Friday 9-1   Please stop in and our Librarian Kelly Hamilton can assist you and bring you up to date on what is new at the Library!

* Woodys Market LLC - Hours of operation will be 7 am to 10 pm every day. Kitchen and deli will be now closed at 8:30 pm.  Face Masks are REQUIRED

* The United Methodist Church and First Baptist Churches have both reopened for services.

* Codes Officer Michael McQuade is in the office on Fridays from 8 to Noon.  Mike can be reached by calling 315-486-5926. You can find most requested forms on the Code Officers webpage here:

* You can see further information on our facebook page and webpages.  For facebook go to  and our webpage is at  Please go to our facebook page and like the page in order to get the updates daily. We are pleased to see that the number of users on facebook who follow our page has grown from 290 to over 900 this year! 

Michael Perry,

Hermon Town Supervisor