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UPDATED 1-15-2021

* Infections in the county from Covid 19 have gone from just over 2200 to 3500 total since March in the past three weeks.  There have now been 55 deaths in St. Lawrence County associated with Covid 19, 13 in the past three weeks.  Currently here in the Town of Hermon we have twelve people quarantined who have the infection, up from 4 three weeks ago.  Wear a mask and socially distance whenever appropriate for your safety and that of others. 

* Masks are required in the Town Offices and Court until further notice.

* THE OFFICE IS OPEN MONDAY - THURSDAY 9 AM TO 2 PM.  The Town Clerk Karen Wayering is available during these times. I am available by appointment by calling 347-3606.  The Assessor Erin Gratch is in on Thursdays  9 am to 1 pm and  the Code Officer Mike McQuade is in the office from 8 am to Noon on Friday.   If you require assistance  with an emergency please call the office or send the Supervisor a message at  WE ARE MONITORING THE COVID INFECTIONS WITHIN THE TOWNSHIP AND MAY HAVE TO CLOSE THE OFFICE TO THE PUBLIC IF THEY CONTINUE TO INCREASE.  ALL TOWN MEETINGS WILL BE CONDUCTED ONLINE AS ZOOM MEETINGS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

* The next monthly meeting is on Tuesday, February 9th at 6 pm.  Until we see a significant reduction in Covid 19 infections meetings will be held on Zoom and instructions will be posted on our facebook page and webpage to join the meeting.

* The Highway Department is now focused on winter road maintenance.  Many thanks to our Superintendent Brian Brunet, Deputy Superintendent Shain Brunet, Mike Hendrick, Dustin Brunet, Brent McAdam and Mandy Matthews for their hard work and  hours maintaining our winter highways and Hamlet lots.

* We remind those who have snowmobiles that if you ride using our roadways you should be on the side of the road and at safe speed and using caution.  RIDING A SNOWMOBILE ON SIDEWALKS IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED!  We have renewed our agreement with the St. Lawrence County Snowmobile Association which maintains the trail to Hermon from Dekalb into the Hamlet on Water Street. It then goes right to the Recreation Park and through the back to Woodys on to Edwards.  Please follow trail markers.  The trail is regularly groomed by the Association and insured.

* Parking vehicles on the streets until April 1st is now prohibited at night in order to allow our plow crews to properly clean the streets.  Vehicles are not allowed to park on sidewalks and warnings have been issued recently.  If vehicles ignore warnings the Town will call Johnsons Towing Service in Canton to remove them and the owner will have to pay towing and impound charges to Johnsons to retrieve their vehicle.

* We will be completing the purchase of the former property at the corner of Water and Main Streets that was recently remediated for contamination by the State.  This lot will be utilized next spring to widen the intersection to provide a better turning radius onto McBrier Bridge.

* We have received and accepted a purchase offer for the Town 49 acres on the Underwood Road.  The transaction is in legal process at this time.

* At the February meeting the Board will be discussing moving forward with an engineering and architectural project plan to renovate and repair the Hermon Hepburn Library and  Health Clinic building.  The study will provide us with the  necessary documentation to seek various funding resources to  pay for the renovations.  Under consideration will be the use of a portion of the Hepburn Library Funds to pay for the study.

* The Preliminary Study of our Hamlet Sewer System has been completed which is being utilized to develop a project for repairs to the system and addition of disinfection required now by NYS DEC law.  This means that all effluent discharged to Elm Creek from our Sewage Treatment Plant will need to be treated either by Ultra Violet Light or by chlorine.  We are selecting to utilize UV light disinfection.  We have completed a RFQ for an engineering firm to develop the plan as well as seek the funding for the work  Barton and Lojuidice will be our Engineer for this project and process.  As the process continues there will be Public Hearings to keep you informed.

* If you see dogs at large the Town of Hermon has a leash law that requires all dogs to be on a leash or tie out when out of doors.  Dog Control Officer: Daniel Moyer Phone: (315) 276-6805    E-mail Address:

* If you note a street light not working please call the office with the pole number and nearest  building address to the pole.  We will request that National Grid repair the light. We are beginning a study to upgrade our street light district to LED lighting next year.

*  Our webpage is maintained by our webmaster Jamie Matthews.  Please visit it at  If you have a notice you want posted on the webpage or facebook page please send a request to

* THE HERMON HEPBURN LIBRARY IS OPEN  - Monday, 12-4 and 6-8, Tuesday 9-2, Wednesday 9-3, Thursday 9-2 and Friday 9-1   Please stop in and our Librarian Kelly Hamilton can assist you and bring you up to date on what is new at the Library!

* Woodys Market LLC - Hours of operation will be 7 am to 9 pm every day. Kitchen and deli will be now closed at 8 pm.  Face Masks are REQUIRED

* The United Methodist Church and First Baptist Churches have both reopened for services.

* Codes Officer Michael McQuade is in the office on Fridays from 8 to Noon.  Mike can be reached by calling  315-486-5926. You can find most requested forms on the Code Officers webpage by clicking here.

* You can see further information on our facebook page and webpages.  For facebook go to  and our webpage is at  Please go to our facebook page and  like the page in order to get the  updates daily. We are pleased to see that the number of users on facebook who follow our page has grown from 290 to 825 this year! 

Michael Perry

Hermon Town Supervisor

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