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Dog Control Officer — Daniel   Moyer 
Dog Control.png

Cell: (315) 276- 6805

Office Hours: On Call

The Town of Hermon hires an individual as a dog control officer as a part-time employee. In addition, the town contracts with the Humane Society for shelter services. The dog control officer, as required by Agricultural and Markets Law, performs the following duties:

  1. Enforces licensing.

  2. Seizes and impounds dogs.

  3. Brings an action against any person who has committed any violation of Article 7.

  4. Receives complaints of dangerous dogs and commences dangerous dog proceedings.

  5. Enforces deer depredation and night quarantine orders and local dog control laws and ordinances.

Some of the typical duties of the officer include seizing and impounding stray and dangerous dogs. He also receives and answers complaints from the public regarding dog nuisances using state statutes and local ordinances and laws as a guide. He issues appearance summons and arrest warrants and participates in court proceedings including the preparation of reports and providing information, testimony, and evidence. He enforces quarantine laws and orders applicable to dogs. He investigates reports of cruelty to animals and reports sick or injured animals to veterinarians for corrective action. He maintains records of work performed including a monthly report to the town board.

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