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Monthly Board Meeting: 4/14 @ 6:00pm, Hermon Town Offices.

Hunting & Fishing Licenses are available at the Town Office.

Hermon Town Offices are currently CLOSED. The 2nd Installment Deadline for Town and County taxes are fast approaching. They must be paid by March 31, 2020. Please mail your check or money order to:          Hermon Town Clerk         109 Church Street
P.O. Box 28
 Hermon, NY 13652

Or place your payment in an envelope and drop it in the top silver lockbox that is placed next to the front door entence to the Hermon Town Office. Please use the top lockbox of two located there. PLEASE DO NOT SEND OR LEAVE CASH. 

Town of Hermon Coronavirus   (COVID-19)  Updates

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Local Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

  The impact of Coronavirus restrictions is affecting us all as we adapt to both Federal and State regulations on business and activities. It is important that you know how that is impacting services in your town.


The Covid19 Crisis Governor's Orders has resulted in the following necessary actions:

* The Town Office is now closed to the public.  The Supervisor and Town Clerk are the only two who will be in the office and only for essential town business as necessary.

* The Town Court is closed with the exception of arraignments or emergency orders necessary.

* The Highway Department Operations are suspended and will respond only to emergency or safety road conditions as ordered by the Highway Superintendent.

* The Hermon Hepburn Library will remain closed until further notice.  Dr. Berk's Health Office remains open to patients.

* The Lone Wolf Saloon and Skunks Nest operations are open for take out foods and beverages only.  Check with them for hours of service.  Lone Wolf Saloon (315)-302-0006  Skunks Nest (315) 347-4400

* The United Methodist Church and First Baptist Church are both closed until further notice.

* Woodys Market LLC remains fully open Monday thru Friday 7 am to 9 pm.  Saturday 8 am to 9 pm and Sunday 8 am to 8 pm.  If you need deli meat, cheese or want to order food please call ahead. 315-347-9787.

* Codes Officer Robert Reed will not have office hours for now but can be reached at  (315) 322-1547 or

* The Assessor Erin Gratch will not have office hours for now. If you need her to contact you please leave a message at our office phone 315-347-3606

* The next Town Board Meeting is scheduled for April 14th at 6 pm.  At this time we only plan to do essential business at the meeting such as bill audits for payment and minutes approvals.  This meeting will be recorded and transcribed.  We hope to live stream the meeting over facebook so anyone can see the meeting.  At this time we do not plan on anyone other than the Supervisor, Board Members, Town Clerk and Highway Superintendent to be in attendance and they will practice social separation.  We expect this will be a short meeting.

* The Food Pantry is still active at the United Methodist Church.  April Allen has all the donations received at the Library and Town Office now at the church.  If you would like to make a donation of food or money please call April at315-854-5135 for assistance!  IF YOU KNOW OF SOMEONE WHO NEEDS ASSISTANCE FROM THE PANTRY CALL APRIL AS WELL!

* We are constantly updating our facebook page at   Please go there and like the page in order to get the updates daily

* If you have a problem that we can assist with or know of someone who needs help please call me at 315-347-3606 Office, my home phone 315-302-4029 or email me at

Thanks to everyone for all you do to help our community get through this unprecedented global crisis.  Currently there has not been a confirmed case of infection in our County. Let's all continue to support one another in this effort in order to keep each other safe! 

Michael Perry

Hermon Town Supervisor